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Hiring a new employee is hard work. Inordinate time and money is invested in the process; it is critical to get it right when you make your final choice of candidate. However, the candidate that did best in the interview can easily be a disappointing experience after three months in your company. Suddenly their behavior is very different than your expectations when you interviewed them. You are stuck with a manager or employee that will not perform and drain you of both energy and cost.


According to the U.S. Department of labor the average cost of hiring a new employee is 30% of their gross salary in the first year. Add another 30% when you have to lay off the person and hire a new one again. For a manager at a salary level of $100K, the cost for you will be $30K. Add another $30K for laying off the wrong hire and begin the time and cost intensive process all over again. Additionally, lost productivity and frustration are costs incurred.


Our team does a thorough assessment and interview of your candidates to help you make an informed decision. For all of our previous clients, this is a service we have provided for years and they all express they would never hire without it.  We will administer the assessment, conduct an interview and provide you with a detailed report of who to hire and who not to. We significantly reduce your risk of hiring the wrong candidate. We offer onboarding and training to accelerate their performance in your company.

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