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Sign up for a Mental Health Protection for Management Team and Mid Management with SSL Consulting. Make sure your management team have the resilience to go through high-risk transformation.

With Inflation, SMC issues and in general the workload our managers are exposed to, you can now sign up for a yearly Mental Health Protection to keep your managers on top of the game. 

The pressure for results and the pressure from your employees will significantly increase during the next years. We will see more and more difficult crisis management.

We have a long and documented track record in keeping your managers above the water and even perform at a higher level with high motivation. 

Let’s meet and talk.

As leaders in the industry, we drive strategy acceleration and high performance among managers and teams. We have a long track record to propel strategy execution to achieve results rapidly.  We work directly for Equity Funds, Company Owners & CEO’s and their Executive teams. 


We have a proven three step program with a strong focus on optimizing and synchronizing the Strategy and People processes, unlocking your company’s full potential for quick value creation. 

Our Value Creation Program will focus on your Company’s: 


  • Top-line Growth

  • Transparent and documented process

  • Effective Organizational Restructuring 

  • Improved Financial Results

  • Efficient and Highly Engaged Managers & Teams

Want to know more about how we can help you?

Contact us at contact @


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