About SSL Consulting


We are one of the leading Company Value Creation advisors. We have a long track record in accelerating the Company Value for international companies. We work directly for Equity Funds, Company Owners & CEO’s including the Executive team. 


We have a best in class step-by-step program based on 

  • Management Assessment, Team Assessment & Executive Coaching of Managers

  • Strategy Process & Accelerated Strategy Execution  

  • Change Leadership Program to get all onboard when the transition is accelerated


The program will do this with a strong focus on optimizing and synchronizing the Strategy and People processes unlocking your company’s full potential for quick Value Creation.

Our Value Creation Program will focus on your Company’s: 

  • Top-line Growth

  • Increased Margins

  • Cost Effectiveness 

  • Transparent and documented process

  • Effective Organisation set-up 

  • Stretched Financial KPI’s  

Want to know more about how we can help you?

Contact us at contact @ sslconsulting.com

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