Effective leadership has mastery of managing performance remotely. Virtual Leadership is a practical package designed to help leaders manage themselves whilst operating in a virtual working environment. Authentic Leadership must inspire Trust, Courage and Accountability to drive performance with a virtual team. 


Our proven methodology begins with an administration of key leadership assessments, followed by virtual face to face sessions which include one to one executive coaching (3 sessions) 90 minutes Assessment Review and Feedback. The next step is an interactive online workshop which guides Leaders through the foundations of coaching; equipping them to have highly effective remote coaching conversations  with their teams to deliver against the challenges they  are currently facing. Finally, our Virtual Leadership interactive online workshop will provide  leaders with personal insights regarding their natural behavioral  preferences when faced with high  levels of ambiguity and change.  They will learn how they respond naturally to stress. They will learn how they show up remotely. The session results in a clear personal action plan for each individual which will support them to respond to the  unpredictable challenges they will face in the future. 

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