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Grow your business FAST and DRIVE COMPANY SUCCESS with SSL 


A successful company is adept at releasing the full power and potential of its high performance teams resulting in a high performing company. How urgent is growth for your business and how quickly would you like to achieve it? SSL Consulting has a well documented and well proven Strategy Acceleration Growth Program. It is a Program that has been developed with our clients over the last 10 years and has improved our clients growth, engagement and bottom-line significantly in a very short time. Our program will take you through the steps to grow your business. We are all aware that bringing even more complexity to your business is not what business leaders need.


The four areas the Strategy Acceleration Growth Program will address: 



Identifying the right strategy begins with identifying Must Win Battles, creating department work streams, individual targets and creating the right sense of urgency and removing obstacles. 



The right people in the right job. Managers and employees who are engaged and committed to do so and know exactly what is expected of themselves and their colleagues. Executive Coaching, Individual and Team Assessments are conducted with the aim of achieving personal and business goals of improved efficiency and a performance mindset. 



Culture eats strategy for breakfast. So, if you have not established a performance culture, all other initiatives will fail. The wrong culture will hurt both the top and bottom line. Our Change Management Program will support us building a high performance culture in your company, starting with your management team. In this way, we will Achieve Buy In All Levels of the Organization, resulting in increased performance at all levels of the organization. 



Clarity and Alignment are critical for Execution of business strategy to achieve business goals. 

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