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This program develops high performing management teams. Insights of individual strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the team dynamics and goal alignment for Must Win Battles and accelerating the execution of strategy, are addressed. This program lays the foundation of “People Excellence” and a plan for how to develop your managers and mid-management for high performance and engagement going forward.  The Program includes the following, Managers take 60 minute online assessment; Interview, Assessment Feedback, & Performance Coaching Sessions 90 minutes; ½ Day Meeting. The final step is a review of results and tools to maximize cooperation, performance and engagement of the management team. 


Our team generates a detailed and customized report for each individual manager regarding strengths, weaknesses, state of mindset, future potential and cognitive ability (IQ). This will all match to the manager's current job and future development opportunities. A report and checklist for how this individual can be managed in the most optimal way to drive higher performance is provided. A strength indicator for how efficiently the specific manager is leading next level managers or employees and a development plan to support the manager to increase efficiency of direct reports. Additionally, an overview of the strongest and weakest managers regarding their ability to lead and manage as well as recommendations for who to promote. Included in this program is the first step to succession planning and an introduction to the nine potential and performance grid.  A report regarding the current obstacles perceived by the management team in the existing environment will also be provided. Additionally, a detailed report with suggestions for how to improve the current organization for increased performance and engagement is provided.


A SWOT team analysis and report regarding the management team is provided. This analysis identifies how well the team works together as well as under pressure. Analysis of the predicted management style as a team and areas of recommended focus for the CEO are provided. Clarification as to whether the team is more strategic or more operational is provided. Additionally, diversity factors on the team are addressed, from a team performance point of view. Finally, suggestions on how to increase team cooperation and avoid conflicts are provided. 

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