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We are currently running our Growth Acceleration Strategy Program for an international US based client to help their business operate at peak performance and COVID proof their business for 2021. The client has been through a turbulent market situation as the market they are operating in was shifting rapidly as a result of the epidemiological and political disruptions in the US.

At the first Executive workshop we found a culture of “I’m OK – you’re NOT OK”.

That's not unusual, as it often seems to be the rule that Sales and Operations have a hard time working together; other internal enemies from our perspective are quite often Human Resources, Finance or Headquarters.

A lot of employees are in general the victims of change and are not properly involved in the change process, and for them even Management can be perceived as the enemy.

As people in any organization benefit from knowing the WHY behind the necessary change in order to be aware, understand and see the urgency for change, we started out defining the new vision, the new strategy, the urgency statement, Must Win Battles for the next 24 months including high-end action plans, and the divisional contribution plans.

This was communicated again and again from the top management and we succeeded in increasing the awareness and understanding of the needed change.

It is one thing to be aware of change. It is another thing completely to make people buy into it. Change happens fast but the transition happens slowly.

One of our basic beliefs is that if we do not get buy-in from the employees and middle managers, then resistance to change will grow.

We can communicate again and again, but if the middle management and employees are not bought into the changes or don’t think they are right, then we will suffer in performance not only short term but also in the long run.

In all transitions we build in parameters for sustainable change so that the organization does not fall back into its old culture, structure and processes.

A very effective way to do this is to systematically plan for Quick Wins


  1. It is visible; large numbers of people can see for themselves.

  2. It is unambiguous; there can be little argument over the call.

  3. It is clearly related to the change effort.

The role of Short-Term Wins

  1. Provide evidence that sacrifices are worth it; Wins greatly help justify the short-term cost involved.

  2. Reward change agents and employees with a pat-on-the-back: after a lot of hard work, positive feedback builds morale and motivation.

  3. Help fine-tune vision and strategies: Short-term wins give the top executives and the change & project teams concrete data on the viability of their ideas.

  4. Undermine Cynics and self-serving resisters: Clear improvements in performance make it difficult for people to block needed change and acceleration.

  5. Keep bosses on board: Provide those higher in the hierarchy with evidence that the transformation is on track.

  6. Build momentum: Turns neutrals into supporters, reluctant supporters into active helpers, etc.

If you are already implementing quick wins, just as as our client is, you know very well the effect it has on performance and alignment on all levels of the organization.

If you ready to catapult your business to new heights into 2021, our Growth Acceleration Strategy Program is a great way to kick off the new fiscal year. To learn more about the Program and define your Quick Wins, send an email to

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