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Do you know when to Lead and when to Manage?

Knowing the difference is key to effective leadership

There is a time for Leading and a time for Managing - both are equally and critically important to your performance as a great leader.

But ask yourself - "When am I Leading and when am I Managing?" If I am lighting a fire IN PEOPLE, I am Leading. If I am lighting a fire UNDER PEOPLE, I am managing.

With the SSL Executive Assessment we are able to define if your natural disposition is of a leader versus a manager. Our Executive Coaching and Leadership program will teach you to master both leading and managing.

What is the Difference between Leading and Managing?

Managing is about processes and procedures. Managing is about ensuring people have the right tools for the task, and ensuring employees have adequate skills training. Where performance really accelerates is when you cultivate the will to win through Leading rather than Managing. Leading is instilling confidence, energy and passion and empowering your team. It is about creating a culture that they belief in and value. They feel valued.

The ideal formula for Leadership is a proportionate and equally developed skill set for both Managing and Leading. The skills to win are the brains and the will to win touches the heart. Our expertise at SSL teaches leaders excel at both. We develop masterful leaders and managers. The outcome includes Customer Satisfaction, Business Expansion, Employee Motivation, Stability and Profitability.

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