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"More Change Demands More Leadership" - John Kotter

If there has been one consistent thing in 2020, it is that change has been constant. There have been multiple global disruptions, including epidemiological, sociological, political, educational, and economical changes in 2020. Large unexpected cataclysmic events accelerate the pace of change. And we know that change is inevitable.

Change demands highly skilled leaders who are masterful communicators. Change demands leaders who are modeling resilience and leaders who cultivate psychological safety in their organization. Skilled leaders can help their company navigate change by repetitive and consistent communication of the "why" for the change and to gain buy in from employees. Skilled leaders demonstrate respect for their employees and treat them fairly. This capacity is a reflection of their own level of self awareness. Leaders who seek to understand issues and try to collaboratively problem solve are masterful at change.

SSL Consulting Founder and Board member, Soren Sepstrup, created the Leadership Training program, utilizing the foundations of the work he did with Professor John Kotter, world renowned change leadership guru.

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