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GOOD NEWS: The COVID 19 Pandemic will drive some companies to be the most innovative and pioneering companies the world has ever seen. BAD NEWS: Most companies will not make it if they continue to do business status quo. Will your Company Make It? DOES YOUR COMPANY PASS THE “YES” TEST?

Can you confidently answer a resounding “Yes!” to the following statements.

√ We have Clarity of our company direction, goals and how to achieve them.

√ We have Alignment with all Executives, Middle Management and all employees fully contributing to achieve defined goals in a transparent way.

√ We have Transparency – to ensure that all members feel included, involved, motivated and encouraged to take ownership of the process.

√ We are Synchronized – to produce Peak Performance company-wide in the moments it is required the most.

√ We are Holistic – to recognize that the Whole is greater than the total of the individual parts – not simply a collection of individuals managing their own division in isolation.

If a company can not say yes to any one of the variables, success inevitably will follow. To discuss the Yes Test with our experts and get your company COVID proofed for 2021, visit

Happy Thanksgiving from SSL Consulting!

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