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Time for the 2021 Organizational Health Check Up

There are four parts of your business that drive success; the people, the strategy, the execution and the culture. SSL Consulting's flagship Organizational Health Check Up Program administers a four point diagnostic analysis to take the temperature of the people in the organization. The goal of the Organizational Health Check Up is to optimise a company's health. A healthy organization is one where leaders are engaged consistently at 120%, motivated and performing at their best.

The purpose of the Organizational Health check up is to make sure your leaders are operating at their best for 2021. The first step of the diagnostic process is the Assessment and Feedback interview that involves the use of a research based quantitative Leadership tool to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of each individual leader in the organization.

The second step of the Organizational Health check up is the diagnostic coaching session. This session is conducted by our expert coaches who have decades of experience coaching executives across the world, at the most pioneering successful companies in the world. The Coaching Manual, which is a publication copyrighted by SSL Consulting, is used to provide clarity and structure for the coaching process, with quantitative measurements of success every step of the way. The measurement tools consistently drive employee engagement to 100 percent.

The third diagnostic health measure is ascertaining the performance levels of the team. The diagnosis leads to a prescription as to how to energize management. The final diagnostic step of the Health Check up is assessing Leadership skills. What follows is a prescription of our leadership program, which is rolled out over the course of twelve days, or three days per quarter. The goal of the Leadership Training that is prescribed is to develop new skills, all the while, paralleling the skill development in executive coaching to reinforce the leadership Development skills. The Organizational Health Check up is a powerful diagnostic tool to tailor and customize a prescription to drive performance among leaders and their teams, optimising organizational health .

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